Advice and Guidance

Nutrition Advice

Improving habits & addressing specific issues. Good nutrition is the foundation of health. This may be achieved through cleansing, detox and nourishment, or through the addition of new foods to an existing diet.  Specialist nutrition advice sessions require a food diary to be completed for two weeks prior to the appointment. If you have any serious condition please follow GP’s advice.

Herbal Advice

We can use herbs to encourage a state of balance within the body, and they may help to alleviate symptoms, or detoxify. Supplements can act as a useful adjunct to other therapies. It is important to consult with GP if you use supplements alongside other medicines, or if you suffer with a serious illness.


Creating tools for inner growth & manifestation. Our minds are incredibly powerful vehicles of awareness. We can invoke the power of thought to empower positive change in our lives, stimulate the immune system or ease pain. Visualisations are a proven method of enhancing performance in athletic sports as well as increasing personal effectiveness in relationships / work.