Energy Therapies

Reiki Energy Work

Reconnection to the universal energy matrix, repairing the field. Reiki means universal life energy. It works with the subtle energy body to bring about a release of the chakras. I utilise traditional Usui Reiki, as well as the more recent modalities of Tera Mai, Seichem and Karuna. Reiki sessions are very gentle and can be hands on or in the layers of the aura. I am a Reiki Master Teacher and offer Attunements to all levels.

Shamanic Work

Journeys for soul retrieval and connection with power animals/ancestors. Working to safely explore the inner landscape, using voice, drum and dance to enter an altered state of consciousness and access wisdom held within. A symbolic oracle that often supports us in our personal growth by encouraging a deeply listening path of awareness –  of ourselves and our connection to the greater whole of being.

Sound Healing

Sacred song, drumming, pure tones & singing bowls. Everything that exists vibrates to a sonic frequency. The organs of the body, our electro-magnetic field, emotions and thoughts all have a song unique to their harmonious functioning. I work intuitively with Singing Bowls, Bells, Voice, Drum and Bio-sonic Tuning forks, to re-tune and release blocks within the physical and subtle bodies.


Creating tools for inner growth & manifestation. Our minds are incredibly powerful vehicles of awareness. We can invoke the power of thought to empower positive change in our lives, stimulate the immune system or ease pain. Visualisations are a proven method of enhancing performance in athletic sports as well as increasing personal effectiveness in relationships / work.

Crystal Therapy

Crystals encourage the natural healing response within the body and the subtle electro-magnetic field. I work intuitively and may use as an adjunct to other therapies or a stand-alone treatment. Sessions can involve placing stones in specific formations, or on the body. Crystals are particularly compatible with sound, reiki or shamanic treatments.