Sacred Relationship and Tantra

Bliss has been a holistic practitioner and student of sacred sexuality since 2001, she is a qualified Sacred Sexual Union Facilitator and currently on the third year post-graduate Labyrinth spiral of Sacred Sexual Priestess of Rhiannon in Glastonbury.

She is an experienced and engaging facilitator offering these weekends as an act of devotion and service to hold space for healing relationships and bringing us closer to integrated, compassionate relating with ourselves and the divine.

One on One or Couples Sacred Intimacy

Tantra Sessions – £150 per 2 hour session

Bliss offers this work for individuals or couples in private bespoke sessions which can include sacred bathing rituals, sensory awakening, healing initiations, breathwork, bodywork and energy work as well as direct dialogue. This is a healing practice designed to support clients in healing relationship or sexual trauma, support loving relationships and connect with the sacred divine masculine and feminine through authentic relating and respectful courageous vulnerability. There is no sexual contact in her work and she does not offer “relief” or stimulate ejaculation – please do not enquire about this or attempt to book in with that expectation.

Tantra and Sacred Intimacy Group Workshops  and Events

Variable Costs

Global Heart offers workshops and events throughout the UK. Please see the events calendar for upcoming dates.