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Bliss has been in practice as a holistic therapist since 2001. She has worked with clients at festivals and camps, managed health food shops and her own clinic, in addition to clinical work in hospitals and palliative care. She views her work as both a vocation and a personal journey. Aiming to create a safe held space of gentle laughter, encouragement and authenticity, she finds that healing happens when clients are allowed to be themselves in a relaxed environment.

She will perform a thorough consultation at the initial therapy appointment, but follow-up sessions tend to be focused on the therapeutic encounter and being in the present moment. Bliss is happy to provide treatments to naturists, please call her to discuss this. Bliss’s teaching style is informal, relaxed and friendly, she believes that we all have much wisdom to share, and Bliss learns as much through teaching as she hopes students gain by re-connecting with ancient and more modern skills of self healing and discovering personal power.

Bliss has a particular interest in traditional healing modalities from around the world, and has travelled to deepen her understanding of these in order to share with clients and students in the UK. She specialises in working with people with cancer, expectant and new mothers, sound healing and sacred relationship work. She loves teaching and feels honoured to pass on the skills she has honed over two decades to others.

Bliss has been blessed to train with many gifted teachers and schools,  including Dynamic Massage at Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork,  Cancer Support at Bristol Cancer Help Centre (Now Penny Brohn), Sound Healing at the College of Sound Healing, Pregnancy Care at Expectancy,  Thai Bodywork at London School of Thai Massage, Huna & LomiLomi with Halau Uhane Jim. She is currently on the second spiral of the accredited Priestess of Rhiannon Training in Sacred Sexual Priestessing with Katinka Soetens in Glastonbury.

Bliss gained a 2:1 BSc(Hons) in Health Studies; incorporating a Distinction FdA in Complementary Therapies at the University of Bedfordshire, where her dissertation focused on the effectiveness of massage therapy during cancer treatment. She am currently undertaking a Masters of Research in Health and Wellbeing at University of Bristol,  where her research focus is on Women’s Bodies, Cancer and Touch.


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  • Bliss Butterfly explaining a bit about the event and our special offer on tickets for International Women’s Day Weekend #sacredsexualpriestess #tantrafest #tantrafestuk19 #blissfuldivinity #tantracamp  #wales #consciousconnection
  • We are visiting the Hypogeum with exclusive access during the retreat, connecting with the ancestors and the space beyond time in this dream incubation and healing temple of the Ancient Goddess Loving People of Malta. This site is unique in the world and an incredible, indescribable trance inducing temple. You will be forever changed by its vibrational resonance. Now taking deposits of just £200 to secure spaces on the trip 27th September - 5th October this year 2019!! #goddessretreats #sacredmother #priestesspath #blissfuldivinity #bristolgoddesstemple #ancientmalta #temples
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  • A ceremony of release, remembering, transformation and rebirth through inner alchemy today. #divorceceremony #priestesspath #sacredsexualpriestess #priestessofrhiannon #blissfuldivinity
  • A sacred healing practice performed with the client draped in a sarong. The practitioner uses long flowing strokes over the length of the body. 
Forearms are often incorporated to give a deep pressure. The intention is to strengthen the flow of life energy for the client,  inviting kindness, acceptance & joy. 
The treatment allows us to connect with our bodies, release tension and work with deep emotions.

This full 6 day practitioner level training is accredited through IPHM, over 3 weekends.

The course dates for this training are as follows:

11th and 12th May 2019

22nd and 23rd June 2019

20th and 21st July 2019

The days will run between 10am-6pm with tea breaks and an hour for lunch.

This training is £650 and qualifies attendees to practice the techniques shown int their massage practice and to advertise as Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Practitioners. To book your place make payment to #hawaiianlomilomimassage #iphmaccreditedtraining #globalheartbliss #amethystcentre #coventry #massagetraining #energyhealingcourses #shamanicbodywork #huna #kahunamassage #ukhawaiianmassage
  • Delightful morning sharing the cultural context, history and therapeutic indications of rebozo/manta/scarf bodywork and bone closing with keen students! Looking forward to getting down to the practical giving and receiving this afternoon. #coventry #iphmaccreditedtraining #theamethystcentre #rebozomassage #pregnancycare #womenswisdom #boneclosing